1. What is TSWF? (IC Explanation)

TSWF, short for Tri-State Wrestling Federation, is an up-start promotion on the cutting edge of wrestling, featuring today's newest and unknown talent. The TSWF is your standard, dime-a-dozen, hole-in the-wall Indy fed for the very young, the very old, and the perpetually mediocre. TSWF doesn't have a particular style or specialty - you may see a high-flyer compete against a brawler and then watch a spot monkey face a mat technician.

The owner is Werewolf Gregorson who acquired the company after defeating former owner Michael Sandsbury's representative ("The Biz" Mike Bisignano)  at an interpromotional event. Mr. Gregorson promises to make TSWF "Bigger & Bolder" than its previous owner.

2. Now comes the OOC explanation...

TSWF is an RP/Angle hybrid based e-fed. After seeing the state of things in the eW world, I've decided to try running an e-fed where not a lot of work is necessary. If you have been in this hobby as long as I have, you'll remember how much fun it used to be when handlers ranted and raved in a promo with the intent of doing one thing and one thing only -- being the best there is.

How things go is real simple...

- I book your character versus another handler's character (or in the case of multi-man matches, your characte and another handler's characte versus two other handler's characters)

- Everyone involved writes a promo - length is not an issue nor is quality but keep in mind that your guy will never get far without first getting himself known by the fans

- I write your match and insert it into a show along with the announce team and promos (whether they are backstage, in-ring, or other location) to complete the show.

Note - You will notice from the App below that I am using TNM. This is simply to get a base for my match writing. Winners will ALWAYS be chosen by me, not the program.

All in all, this is a bare bones operation intended for people to have fun again and not get caught up in all the craziness that comes with other e-feds that are hung up with delays because of creative writing problems.

Once again, TSWF is a small indy promotion based out of NYC (but is starting to expand out of the Northeast region) that is welcoming to all styles. Obviously a promotion this size won't be able to attract big stars, or really any sort of established names. So I would recommend applying with new characters or characters that have either been unsuccessful in or just not been in big federations. That isn't a strict restriction -- a veteran trying to make a comeback would be appreciated, and I'm sure there are lots of other character ideas that would fit. But the rookies and journeymen are our bread and butter.

The big idea behind this fed is that as time goes by it will grow into something borderline respectable, and maybe even to wrestling greatness. But for the time being I'm just worried about getting it off the ground.

3. Who the hell are you?

My name's Shaun, and I've been in e-wrestling since the mid 90's. Most of you will know me as the handler of "The Biz" Mike Bisignano from such promotions as VXW, WILD and Shootfire Pro. Most recently I spent some time as VP of Shootfire Pro and if you ask any of the handlers there, I did a pretty bang-up job in that role.

You can find me on AOL or Yahoo IM 24/7 under the name "shaunsindelman"

4. There have got to be some rules, right?

I guess so. I expect everything will go dandy, but just in case here are some basic rules.

* Don't use other's characters without their permission.

This is the big one. If you're having another person's character appear in your promo, make sure it's okay with them first.

* Don't beat down NPCs in your promo.

You're welcome to have members of the announce team act as an interviewer but don't have your character beat them up, because that's just lame. Going back to rule #1 again, I would also advise against beating up others' characters, even with their permission, unless you are willing to suffer the consequences in-character. Case in point, if someone agrees to be dragged behind a pickup truck, don't think you are going to be able to work the next couple of shows. Injuries=selling=time off from in-ring action

* English, please.

This shouldn't be a problem, but for the record, make sure your promos are readable. I don't care about the odd typo or mistake, but it should be understandable

* Always send something in

This is another one I shouldn't have to say. If you have a match, you have to promo or your character will job. If you don't have a match, you're still welcome to do so to try and get your character over. Promos should be in by the deadline, although I'll take them if they're in before I put out the card.

As far as promos go, TSWF operates on a closed flash system, which means that you are responsible for one promo per show.

* Feuds are awesome

Okay, this is less of a rule and more of a suggestion, but I'd really like to have some good feuds and storylines going on. Send me any ideas you have on this, or if you have no ideas I'll try to come up with some.

* Keep the theatrics to a minimum

Remember, we are a very small Indy fed which means anything you do in a promo has to be on a small-scale. No big-budget film-making or editing or VO work. Honestly, your promos should really just be you in front of a camera talking smack - and that's it.

5. What's the schedule like?

TSWF runs shows on a bi-weekly schedule. What you see when a card is released is on the level of watching a local access network broadcast with two members of the announce team introducing various promos from the wrestlers and showing highlights from the matches. And since TSWF is such a small-time fed, it doesn't follow the typical TV shows-supercard cycle, and instead every show is meant to be a buildup to the next show and so on. There will be ongoing storylines as they develop and certain shows will have a "larger than life" feel as time goes by - each show will simply be known by the date it was held and the location of the venue.

Game-wise, cards will be released every other week. After each card release, a newsletter will go out with the lineup for the next show - deadline for promo submissions will be a day or two before the next card is released

6. Titles

Tri-State Champion: The biggest belt in the promotion.

Underground Champion: The "Hardcore/Deathmatch" division. 'Nuff said.

As time goes on and the promotion grows, new titles will be announced.

A word on wins and losses, since we're talking about championships: winners are decided by RP and/or storyline. This entire experience should be a fun one which means if you get a title shot, you always have a chance of walking out the winner. But the only way to get a title shot (and subsequently stay high in the title hunt) is to send in promos.

If you don't show me you care, I won't show you I care either. Plain and simple.

7. Who's in charge, fictionally?

Here are all the relevant staff members of TSWF.

Werewolf Gregorson - Owner: Already explained above

Michael Sandsbury - One Half of the Announce Team: Relegated to the announce booth by Gregorson. Don't expect him to say many nice things about anyone these days.

Stephanie Sandsbury - Other Half of the Announce Team / Part Time Interviewer: Mike's younger sister. Working in TSWF as a favor to her brother. She is the voice of reason but nowadays is a bit jaded.

If you need to know about anyone else, feel free to contact me.

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