Name: "Big" Casey Stillbourne
Alignment: Heel
Hometown: Miami, FL
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 290 lbs.
Style: Powerhouse

Entrance Theme: "Prayer (Instrumental)" by Disturbed

Manager: Maygen Stillbourne


1. Chickenwing suplex
2. Russian legsweep
3. Scoop slam
4. Uppercut
5. Gutbuster
6. Chickenwing submission
7. Bearhug
8. Leglock
9. Belly to back suplex
10. German suplex (sometimes in 3s)
11. Armbar
12. Fireman's carry
13. Sidewalk slam

Signature Moves

1. Big Boot

2. Clothesline from Hell

3. Powerslam

4. Powerbomb (sometimes in 3s, sometimes a single sit-down)

5. Samoan Drop


Your World, Upside Down: Stalling brainbuster


Kick to the abdomen

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