Name: "The One-Woman Riot" Alyssa Casteele
Alignment (face/heel/tweener): Tweener
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 177 lbs
Style: Lightweight / Spot Monkey

Entrance Theme Music: "Beautiful" by Social Code

Biography: About all the more that is known of this pink-haired young woman is that she's got a nasty attitude outside of the ring and hard-to-contain explosiveness within it. Why does she have that bitchy candy coating? Why, that's what will be exposed with time.


  1. Monkey Flip 
  2. Missile dropkick
  3. Knife-edged chops
  4. Various kicks/blows to the lower body
  5. Hurracunrana
  6. Head scissor takedown
  7. Crescent kick
  8. Flying cross body
  9. Victory Roll
  10. Enzuigiri
  11. Butterfly lock
  12. Springboard back elbow
  13. Spinning crescent kick
  14. Spinning wheel kick
  15. Chop block
  16. Leaping roundhouse kick
  17. Baseball slide
  18. Flying clothesline

Signature Moves

Minor Threat - Slingshot leg drop

Personality Crisis - Tornado Enziguri

American Waste - Springboard roundhouse kick 

God Save the Queen - Triangle Asai Moonsault to the outside


Primary Finishing Move: Cherry Bomb - 360 degree Shooting Star Press

Secondary Finishing Move: Blitzkrieg Bop - Asai DDT

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