Name: Leon Corella
Alignment: Face
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 256 lbs
Wrestling Style: Pankration

Entrance Theme: "House of the Rising Sun" by Muse

Biography: Leon Corella comes from a long and storied tradition of Pankration Wrestlers. His father, Larson "The Lion" Corella, was one of the biggest names in wrestling in the 1980's, but tragically died in 1992 in a car accident along with Leon's mother. He is trained in classic Pankration wrestling by his grandfather and as with tradition, Leon's put his own spin on it over the course of many years of competition.

In his early years, a lack of showmanship, combined with limited mic skills and a bland personality made it very difficult for Leon to rise as a professional wrestler. He would out-wrestle his competition on a weekly basis and yet found himself often booked low to mid card and never given title opportunities while those less able than himself were granted much more favor. This helped develop Leon into a bitter, angry man who started taking short cuts and resorting to more and more brutal tactics to get what he wanted. Despite all this, he did develop a ring presence and mic skills, but he was already damaged goods by that point.

     Many promotions have hosted him. KAWF, IGA, SPW, and DCWL only name a few, and each one is a different stage in his developing persona. Each one a tale of his personal struggle to overcome his demons and it wouldn't be until his last days in the IGA that he would start a long process of rethinking his life after nearly crippling his best friend, Micheal Foyer. He faced his demons head on in DCWL when his old friend returned for revenge, doing everything in his power including drugging him, to sabotage his desire to be the DCWL Grand Champion. It was in that battle that Leon's past brutalities were made aware to his family after years of keeping them in the dark. In the end his wife divorced him and took his home, his children, and a third of his family fortune as well as stakes in several of his businesses. It lead to a climactic final battle, a Texas Death Match between himself and Big Mike Foyer which ended with him being the last man standing.

     Shortly thereafter, he would make waves by teaming up with long time rival, "The Street Samurai," Spade and after DCWL unfortunately closed it's doors, the tag team would show up on the doors of SPW as Ass Kick Nation. There, they dominated the Tag Division in what Leon would describe as a "half-assed" effort. If it weren't for an off camera incident between himself and AJ Black, the reign most likely would have continued. However, a screwjob and some hard feelings later, they were out of the running for the Tag Team Titles and out of a job. Spade and Corella showed up at SCWE and finished burning the bridge with SPW doing colorful acts such as urinating on replica SPW Tag Belts and a toy figure of AJ Black standing in a toy wrestling ring and interviewing the now notorious "wife" of AJ, Lizzy Jizzmop, who poised herself as "Sensous" Samantha Bevins to fulfill a fantasy of the SPW Owner's. Unfortunately their time in SCWE wouldn't last as some backstage shenanigans would force their departure from the company. Once that happened, Spade and Corella went their separate ways, each vowing to be more careful about what promotions they joined. Leon now sets his sights on TSWF, hoping to build a new path and legacy for himself.


  • One-half of the SPW Tag Team Champs (w/ "Street Samurai" Spade)
  • UWL Patriot Champion

Regular Moves:

1. Brawler Style Punches/Kicks
2. Knife Edge Chops
3. Arm Drag (any)
4. Hip Toss (any)
5. Arm Bar (Any)
6. Any Suplex (He's a Suplex Machine)
7. Sit-Out Piledriver
8. Scoop Slam
9. Side Headlock Takedown
10. Running Power Clothesline
11. Sideswipe Powerbomb
12. Implant DDT
13. Dragon Screw Legwhip
14. Superplex (Corner)
15. Super German Suplex (Corner)
16. Running Body Splash (Corner)
17. Snake Eyes (Corner)
18. Tree of Woe w/Body Kicks (Corner)
19. Flying Sak-Fu Stomp
20. Diving Elbow Drop
21. Single Leg Boston Crab
22. Grapevine Sleeper
23. Triangle Armbar and Choke
24. Figure Four Leglock
25. Running Elbow Drop
26. Backslide Pin
27. Magistral Pin
28. Cradle Pin
29. Standing Dropkick (High and Low)
30. Missile Dropkick
31. Running Dropkick

Signature Moves:

1. The Walls of Perfection (Lion Tamer)
2. Running Big Boot
3. The Perfect Clutch(Full Nelson Camel Clutch)
4. Triple Rolling German Suplex
5. The Lion Slam (High impact Power Slam)
6. Spinebuster (Rolling AA style)

Finisher: Game Over - Start with a standing head scissor, double underhook the arms, lift the victim onto your left or right shoulder, then get a running start, drop to your knees and slam the victim head and shoulders down to the canvas. This move can be released or held for a pin attempt.

Setup Move to Finisher: Any move that doubles his opponent over.

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