Name: Elijah Black
Alignment: Tweener
Hometown: East Lansing, MI
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 207 lbs.
Style: Lightweight

Entrance Theme Music: "Smash The Control Machine" by Otep

Biography: A lot of Elijah Black’s past is kept to himself, with some arguing it’s to preserve his mystique within the underground community and others claiming it’s to avoid some embarrassing double standards about the message he preaches coming to light. What is known is that he’s spent the past few years as a rabble-rouser in the anti capitalist movement around the Great Lakes region, preferring to spread his combination of publicity stunts and shock tactics virally across social networks, making sure that he’s at the center of the attention-grabbing each and every time. His methods have made him remarkably unpopular with some people, not just those he targets as enemies of The People (as well as law enforcement), but people within the anti-capitalist movement who see him as an opportunist who wants to bask in the glory and, in doing so, distract from the message. Black has an innate ability to court publicity as he’s an expert in manipulating the media to get what he wants from it, gatecrashing any opportunity to pull the spotlight onto himself whenever it arises. Another knack of Black’s is that, all too often, he can provoke those he’s protesting against into attacking him, which he is prepared for as he has practiced in a variety of self-defence techniques in order to claim he was acting in self defence, even though he’s the guy still standing. Added to this, it is known that Black was active within the local backyard wrestling scene when in high school, and displayed no small amount of natural wrestling talent when not jumping off roofs and ladders or putting people through conveniently-placed tables. There are suggestions he’s looking for a way to fund a move to the East Coast or, at the very least, set up a second base of operations there – but he requires a steady income in order to make this a reality.


  • UWL World Champ


1.) Delilah’s Revenge (Hair-pull backbreaker
2.) Know Future (snapmare into double underhook lock)
3.) Pumphandle gutbuster
4.) Rolling fireman’s carry slam
5.) Iconoclasm
6.) Arm wringer lariat
7.) Running face wash
8.) One-handed bulldog
9.) Suicide dive
10.) Running calf kick
11.) Diving hurricanrana
12.) Dragon whip enzuigiri
13.) Super kick
14.) Discus lariat
15.) Release fisherman’s suplex
16.) Electric chair drop
17.) Flying spear to opponent in the corner
18.) Spinning back elbow off the ropes
19.) Multiple elbows to the back of a double-over opponent’s neck
20.) Slingshot cross body

Two Move Combo

Tilt a whirl backbreaker into a Russian leg sweep

Three Move in the Corner Combo

1.) Leaping forearm smash

2.) Knife edge chop

3.) Springboard kick to the head

Signature Moves

1.) Eyes Wide Closed (Surfboard kerb stomp)
2.) Black Skies (Split-legged moonsault)
3.) Sunset Suicide (Tope into sunset flip powerbomb off the ring apron)
4.) Hangman’s Joke (Second rope legdrop bulldog)
5.) Blockbuster
6.) Top rope back senton


1. Dead Like You (Argentine rack spun into cutter)

2. The Black Manoeuvre (Snap Tomikaze)

Setup to Finisher

1. The Butterfly Defect (Black catches an opponent in mid-air with a cutter) 

2. Burakkusuta (Shining wizard)


Matchwriter notes

The Butterfly Defect: When he connects with the move, Black leaps to his feet and clenches his fists while doing a 360 rotation, yelling at the top of his lungs

Hoshi Kuroi: Black stands back and pulls down a knee pad as the opponent rises, goading them to get to their feet

Dead Like You: Black gives his opponent the finger before cutting his throat with the thumb of the same hand, middle finger still raised

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