Name: Derrick L. Ford
Alignment: Heel
Hometown: Old Orchard Beach, ME (Now residing in Houston, TX)
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 240 lbs.
Style:  Strong-Style

Entrance Theme: "Fuel" by Metallica

Manager: Henry Spikes

Biography: Derrick Ford is the son of oil magnate Llyndon Ford. Growing up the son of a billionaire left him without any real checks on his ego, which consequently ran amok. Already feeling superior to everyone as a result of his social status, Ford decided to take up a hobby that would allow him to exert physical dominance as well: Wrestling. He got his shot in the DCWL. As a political favor to Derrick's father, long time family friend Henry Spikes gave Ford a shot on the roster. Between his awfully fake Southern accent and literal no-shows in the ring, Ford was an embarrassment and a stain on Spikes's reputation. Vowing to make it up to the man who gave him his shot, Ford dedicated himself to his training and emerged as Henry's top enforcer. With this new attitude, as well as the backing of the powerful Spikes, Ford found great success. He became DCWL Platinum Champion, a title which he kept until the fed shut down. When the league reopened in 2009, Ford returned and captured the Dangerous Championship on two occasions. With the DCWL again shut down, Ford returned to his mundane life, waiting for the right opportunity to alleviate his boredom. When his old friend Spikes called, looking to raise his political campaign once again, Ford jumped at the opportunity.



1. German Suplex
2. Samoan Drop
3. Vertical Suplex
4. Running Forearm
5. Running Legdrop
6. Forearm rub in face
7. Running Powerslam
8. Bodyscissors
9. STF
10. Flying Shoulderblock
11. Closed fist *at every opportunity*
12. Brass Knux *if opportunity presents itself*

Signature Moves

1. Lariat
2. Spinebuster
3. Spear


"Gas Pump" (Pumphandle Power Bomb)

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