Name: "The Hallmark of Excellence" Christopher Hallmark
Alignment: Heel
Hometown: Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Weight: 216 lbs
Style: Mat Technician/Submission Specialist

Entrance Theme: "Orange and Blue" (University of Florida Fight Song) 

Biography: Christopher Hallmark first was exposed to professional wrestling after meeting Leon Corella at a convention. A young Hallmark was disgusted that Corella signed an autograph "good luck in the biz" after Christopher told him he was an accomplished wrestler. Hallmark won several NCAA championships at the University of Florida. He studied law and eventually passed the bar. However, the competition in the court room wasn't enough. He needed physical competition. Christopher realized that being too old for the Olympics and having no more eligibility that he would need to turn to the world of professional wrestling he despised. He joined the TSWF negotiating a favorable contract with former owner Micheal Sandsbury. Since joining TSWF Hallmark has changed his moniker from "The Amateur" to the "Hallmark Of Excellence". He has also confronted the demon of his earlier encounter with Leon Corella. Hallmark then founded the NRA (Natural Real Athletes)with Vic Morrison, later recruiting Derrick L Ford into the group as well.


1 Single leg takedown

2 Double leg takedown

3 Gut wrench suplex


5 Belly to belly suplex

6 Belly to back take down (picks opponent up and drops face first)

7 Amateur float over (spin from the back of an opponent to the front)

8 Front chancery

9 Cross face when in the rear mount (only strike he'll use)

10 Rear chinlock

11 Waist lock suplex

12 Dragon screw leg whip

13 Full body scissor

14 School boy roll up

15 La Majistral

16 Back slide

17 Rear single leg takedown

18 Rear double leg takedown

19 Single leg trip (catch the leg and sweep the second leg)

20 Single leg crab

21 Bulldog

22 DDT


Signature Moves

1 Fisherman's Suplex

2 Uranage

3 Gut wrench powerbomb

4 Knee bar

5 Straight Ankle lock with leg grape vine

6 Full nelson


  • THE KEVORKIAN: Hallmark drops him opponent with a DDT. He holds the front chancery and spins the opponent into a seated position and grapevines his legs around the legend's midsection locking him in a mounted guillotine choke.
  • The Hallmark of Excellence: Belly to Back Crossface Chickenwing Suplex (The attacker stands behind the victim. The attacker grabs one of the victim's arms and bends it behind the victim's back and places their hand so its at the top of the victim's shoulder. The attacker uses their other free arm to reach around the victim's face so their forearm is across their nose/face. The attacker locks their hands together. From there, the attacker lifts the victim up and falls backwards, dropping the victim on their head/neck/shoulders.)
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