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TSWF, short for Tri-State Wrestling Federation, is an up-start promotion on the cutting edge of wrestling, featuring today's newest and unknown talent. The TSWF is your standard Indy fed for the very young, the very old, and the perpetually mediocre. TSWF doesn't have a particular style or specialty - you may see a high-flyer compete against a brawler and then watch a spot monkey face a mat technician. With recent changes, their market has expanded outside of the NY/NJ/CT area.


Listen to Shaun Sindelman talk about TSWF with FWrestling and EFed Guerillas on Blog Talk Radio
Listen to Rob Cohen (AKA Leon Corella) with FWrestling and EFed Guerillas on Blog Talk Radio

* UWL Championship Weekend is almost upon us (December 7-9th) from Indianapolis, IN.
TSWF will be represented in every match of Night 1 as Tripp Skylark will face Hale Collins from WBSW. Also Real Xtreme will defend the UWL Tag Titles against PWX's Jessica Harmony & Tiami Tyler. And finally, Alyssa Casteele will represent TSWF in the 4 person Junior Heavyweight Title match against FGA's Tony Edison & AJ Fairchild as well as Dick McSexton from WBSW.
Night 2 will showcase Shadoe Rage against FGA's Alistair Mangold. And of course, there's the UWL International Title match between Leon Corella and Ryan Kid (PWX & FGA).
On Night 3, Chris Hallmark faces Victor Jace (PWX) and the night will be capped by the UWL World Title match between Elijah Black and PWX's James Silkk.
Remember, UWL is on the web at http://unitedwrestlingleague.webs.com

* The NRA has split up as Chris Hallmark was left alone by his former stablemates - Derrick Ford choosing to return to DC and the world of politics while Vic Morrison is currently taking a hiatus to restrategize after his loss to Leon Corella at "The Great Matchup".

* Mark Adams Junior made his return to the ring at "Black Friday Crush" and with him was his new manager "Alice" who ws Adams Senior's manager back in the day.

* "Black Friday Crush" was a fairly violent evening as several injuries were sustained over the course of the night. The Mongoloid broke several bones in his foot and his jaw was cracked against Tripp Skylark. And both participants (Jack Nomad & Elijah Black) were broken and bloodied by the end of the Underground Title match. We expect most if not all to be able to return to action for our next event but that is up to the professional opinion of our on-staff medical team.
* And Josie Saito is making a fairly speedy recovery from her injuries allowing her to potentially return to action at the next event as well.


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