Name: James Robinson
Alignment: Heel
Hometown: New York, NY
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 250 lbs.
Style: Brawler

Entrance Theme: "Battle Without Honor or Humanity" by Hotei Tomoyasu (AKA Theme from Kill Bill Vol. 1)

Biography: Lance and James started out in the GIWF in 1995 as SIR LANCE A LOT & LORD JAMES ROYALE (The Royal Court). They won some matches and lost some matches and came close to the tag titles on several occasions. They were also in a constant feud with The Eden Brothers. When the GIWF closed down in 1996, They took a hiatus from the e-wrestling scene. In 2003, they were called back into action by a new fed, the TEWL. There, they continued their feud with The Eden Brothers until they put them out of the fed. At this point, the decided to stop the charade and be their true selves - two tough guys from New York City who simply want to kick ass and be champions. They were in line for a title shot in a 4 way match after stealing the belts and declaring themselves the champions. Unfortunately, the fed closed down after a few months. A year later, they showed up in RPW and were crowned the first RPW World Tag champions. Those titles remained around their titles for the entire existence of RPW. Upon RPW coming to the end of it's short-lived run, Real Xtreme went over to WILD where they took part in the Gangsta's Paradise match at WildWorld 7 for the WILD Tag titles against The Devils You Know, Tortured Souls and The Outpatients. At WildWorld 8, Lance faced one half of The Devils You Know for the WILD Tag titles and walked away victorious. Unfortunately, history repeated itself and WILD closed down after the PPV. Now after a long hiatus from the ring, Lance and James are in TSWF to continue their run because they know that Michael Sandsbury knows how to run a company.


  • Former RPW Tag Team Champ
  • Former WILD Tag Team Champ
  • UWL Tag Team Champ


    1. full nelson
    2. boot to head
    3. piledriver
    4. neckbreaker
    5. armbar
    6. clothesline
    7. suplex
    8. legdrop
    9. reverse piledriver
    10. suplex into powerslam
    11. fallaway slam
    12. torture rack
    13. powerslam
    14. series of punches to head
    15. elbow drop
    16. sunset flip
    17. power bomb
    18. camel clutch
    19. kneedrop
    20. boston crab

     Signature Maneuvers:

      1. top rope power bomb
      2. top rope suplex
      3. top rope legdrop

      Finishing Maneuver:

      • Manhattan Bridge: German Suplex w/ a bridge
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