Name: Jester Chad Allen
Alignment: Heel
Hometown: The Circus Diabolicus
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 265 lbs.
Style: Brawler / Hardcore

Entrance Theme: Twiztid's "HAHaHAHaHAHa (Akuma Remix")

Biography: The Hardcore God aka The Wicked Clown of Wrestling aka The Father of the Family. A 10 year vet, has been all over the world from FEW to IWF/WOW. Won titles in almost every fed he has been in, including an unheard of 7 different hardcore titles at one time. Supposedly an escaped convict from a mental institution in upstate NY, but never proven...  


  1. Lariat
  2. Backfist
  3. Mafia kick
  4. Inverted Facelock
  5. Front Sleeper
  6. Chickenwing arm lock
  7. Double knee facebreaker
  8. Double stomp
  9. DDT
  10. Piledriver
  11. Brainbuster
  12. Double Underhook DDT
  13. Tiger Driver '91
  14. Fisherman Buster
  15. German Suplex
  16. Half Nelson Suplex
  17. Dragon Suplex
  18. Head and Arm Suplex
  19. Cobra Clutch Suplex
  20. Texas Cloverleaf
  21. High Angle Boston Crab
  22. Cross Armbreaker
  23. Dragon Sleeper
  24. Lifting Hammerlock Submission (can be turned into a Hammerlock Suplex)
  25. Thumb Chokehold
  26. Straight jacket Choke
  27. Bending Backbreaker
  28. Clawhold

 Signature Maneuvers:

  1. The Last Laugh v1: Death Valley Driver
  2. Jestersault: Moonsault
  3. Clown Shoe Catastrophe (CSC): Enziguiri to the face
  4. Head Popper: Shining Wizard
  5. Big Top Drop: Top Rope Vertical Splash
  6. The Laugh Riot: A hysterical laughing when Jester snaps followed by flurry of fists and feet to the almost definitely cowering opponent.
  7. Three Ring Circus: German Suplex to Half Nelson Suplex to Dragon Suplex
  8. The Great American Scream Machine: Reverse Boston Crab/Camel Clutch Combo

Finishing Maneuver:

  • Murder Go Round: Tilt a Whirl Tombstone
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