Name: J.J. Hill
Alignment: Face
Hometown: Bigfoot, TX
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 261 lbs.
Style: Brawler

Entrance Theme: "Black Dog" by Led Zeppelin

Biography: J.J. Hill is the grandson of a popular cowboy wrestler called Sam Hill. Hill ran the Wyoming/Idaho/Montana territory back in the day, and tried to groom his son Sam Hill Jr. (J.J.'s dad) to be his top star. This nepotism coupled with Jr.'s mediocre skills led to the death of the territory. J.J.'s dad and his grandfather were estranged at this point, and Jr. all but forbade J.J. from entering "the family business." However, J.J. was a much more natural talent than his father. Training in secret, J.J. debuted under a mask, billed as the "Masked Desperado". After a few years, Sam Jr. and Sr. reconciled, but J.J., even with his father's blessing, kept the mask in hopes of avoiding the nepotism stigma that had sunk his father. After the death of Sam Hill Sr. in 2009, J.J. decided to drop the mask and began working a gimmick similar to his famous 'Pappy."


  1. Headlock takeover
  2. Armdrag
  3. Mexican armdrag
  4. Japanese armdrag
  5. Waistlock suplex
  6. Belly-to-Belly suplex
  7. Bulldog (cross-corner move)
  8. Headbutt
  9. Running boot
  10. Elbow smash
  11. Eyes poke
  12. Gutwrench suplex
  13. Hip toss
  14. Scoop slam
  15. Drop kick
  16. Sunset Flip
  17. European Uppercut
  18. knife-edge chop
  19. Mongolian chop to shoulder blades
  20. Snap suplex
  21. Powerslam
  22. Shoulder blck
  23. Flying tackle
  24. Double choke lift
  25. Fist drop
  26. Second-rope elbow drop

Signature Moves

  1. Flying Lariat
  2. Hang 'Em High (Hangman neckbreaker, his finisher when he wrestled as Desperado)
  3. Back in the Saddle (Camel Clutch)


Sundowner (Jumping Piledriver - it was his grandfather's finisher)

Setup: Lariat
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