Name: Josie Saito
Alignment: Face
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan - now residing in Miami, FL 
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 160 lbs
Wrestling Style: Regular

Entrance Theme: "Gang Bang" by Madonna 

Biography: Born Shiori Saito, Josie is the older sister of wrestler "Beauty Star" Angel Saito. The two girls were orphaned as children and adopted by a retired professional wrestler. He trained them both and taught them to love the sport. It wasn't long before they were making their pro wrestling debuts. Josie competed in various independent Japanese promotions, wowing the fans with her mix of beauty and solid wrestling ability. It wasn't long before the U.S. came calling. Changing her name to "Josie Saito", she traveled to the States and signed with the OLW where she was extremely popular. She was their last ever Empress champion and a multi-time six ladies tag champion.
During her time in the States, the promotion began to capitalize on Josie's beauty, signing her to more and more risqué competitions. Before long, the young woman was competing in evening gown matches and bikini battles. While this pleased the fans, Josie and her family were less than thrilled. Josie soon turned her back on the fans and quit the OLW. While away, she decided to change her look and attire drastically. Billing herself as "The Dangerous Beauty", Josie became a more serious competitor and entered NMW, where she was the first and only woman to hold the Telecontinental Title. It was here that she also met and befriended fellow wrestler Kevin Black. The lone female on the roster, Josie fought opponents two and three times her size, holding her own in many instances. Just as she was reaching success, a family emergency called her away from the ring.
Months later, she returned to NMW, winning the Rampage title. She competed for another couple of months before dropping out of the fed again. She would next resurface in SWP, where she feuded with the massive Noize, a man that thought a woman couldn't compete with men. When that promotion folded, she toured with UWF Latino, teaming with Leanna Love as the tag team "International Incident". After a few months in Latin America , Josie returned to the States and the reopened NMW. It was then that she would meet arguably her worst enemy, Rhett Moonstar. With the help of Darren James, Rhett tormented Josie relentlessly before eventually sending her from the ring with an injury.
But her hiatus didn't last long as she returned to NMW, surprising Rhett and defeating him at their last PPV. During this time, the promotion was undergoing a face-lift and would become FPW. Josie was one of the wrestlers kept during the FPW changeover. When Kevin Black feuded with Josie's old enemy, Rhett, the true nature of Kevin and Josie's relationship was revealed. The two weren't just wrestlers that respected one another. They were dating! She was also the first ever champion in the new fed, winning the FPW Network championship from Christian Steele. From there, she and Steele engaged in a bitter feud that also included Jacen Cage and Johnny Scamp. The four competitors met in a violent match that left Josie bloody and without her title. It was soon after that she decided to leave the sport again to tend to her injuries.
She returned to the ring once more, competing in the newly opened IWCW against many of her old enemies. She gained a number of impressive victories there, including a win over Scamp, finally settling the score. Just as she came close to winning championship gold, the promotion closed its doors, Josie again finding herself unemployed. She took a few months off before giving Akira Khan a call and signing with BLAZE.
She stayed with BLAZE for only a short time before joining the short-lived PWC's cruiserweight division. Stints in CSW and CCW then followed. It was in CCW, where she was again the lone female on the roster, that the young woman encountered Maleek Raheem, another in a long line of enemies. After a match, Maleek humiliated and attacked Josie, leaving her vowing revenge. That opportunity came, when she learned that he had become a manager and was managing female wrestler Brandy Cannondale in LIWA.
Josie earned her own manager's license and quickly joined LIWA, where she managed Cannondale's rival, Tiffany Lane , all in a plot to eventually gain revenge on Maleek. She finally managed to gain that revenge, cheating to beat Maleek in an arm wrestling match. And, per the contests stipulations, making him her slave for a week, where she degraded and humiliated him. It was also with Tiffany Lane that Josie met Brawn, Tiffany's bodyguard, who she struck up a relationship with and eventually married.
When the LIWA folded, Josie quit as Tiffany's manager. There was no reason for her to continue, she reasoned, especially as Maleek had gone and she had already gained her vengeance against him, not to mention she had led Tiffany to the LIWA's North American title. It was then that Josie heard about her sister's promotion, Beauty Angels: Japan. The success that BA:J was obtaining only fueled Josie's jealousy, especially when she learned that their father was involved as well as a trainer. As BA:J grew, so did Josie's anger and resentment until it overwhelmed her. She infiltrated the promotion as the masked "Miss Noh" and amassed an army of fellow wrestlers, hoping to take over the promotion.
Finally revealing herself, Josie, now going by SHIORI, christened her group WAR (Wrestling Athletic Revolution) and fancied themselves anarchists. She eventually defeated Angel for the BAJ Celestial Title. After being fired for unprofessional behavior (or quitting, depending upon who you talk to), SHIORI left BAJ, with the Celestial Title in hand, and created her own promotion, WAR, named after her previous anti-BAJ faction. Unfortunately, the promotion was a disaster and only lasted a few months. Before that, she had lost the Celestial Title, now called the WAR Universal Title, to old rival Midori Tanaka. With a stunning loss and failed laughing stock of a wrestling promotion behind her, many believed that SHIORI had hit the lowest point of her career and had already branded her as a "has been". But she soon proved them wrong by returning to the States, and again using the name Josie Saito. She joined KAWF, aligning with Leon Corella, and won their women's championship, solidifying her status as one of the industry's top women. Josie feuded with Nikki Glass but held the women's title until KAWF closed. After the closing of KAWF, she moved on to the ultra violent PJG promotion, feuding with her sister and the hardcore legend Nina Grimsson.

Regular Moves:

  1. Whip to corner, followed by kick to the face
  2. jujigatame
  3. Gyakukataebigatame (1/2 Crab)
  4. STF (Step Over Toehold Facelock)
  5. Locomotion German Suplex
  6. Exploder Suplex
  7. Spinning Heel Kick
  8. Double Arm DDT
  9. Udehishijujigatame (Cross Armlock)
  10. Crossface
  11. Running Lariat
  12. Blazing Chop
  13. Diving Head butt from top turnbuckle
  14. Roaring Elbow
  15. Northern Lights Suplex
  16. Stomach claw
  17. Hadakajime V1 (Sleeper hold, spinning Choke hold)

Signature Moves:

  1. Queen Breaker (Backdrop Driver)
  2. Liger Bomb
  3. Devil's Maiden (Crucifix Power Bomb)
  4. La Diabolique (Shining Wizard)
  5. J-Lock (Indian Death Lock/STF combination

Finisher: No Escape (straightjacket suplex with bridge)

Setup Move to Finisher: Kick to the head. 

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