Name: Clyde Kennedy
AKA: "The Policy", "The Boston Mangler"
Alignment (face/heel/tweener): Heel
Hometown: Boston, MA
Height: 6’6
Weight: 295 lbs
Style: Submission Specialist/Strong Style

Entrance Theme Music: Theme From "Cape Fear"


1 Punch to the solar plexes
2 Punch to the spine
3 Kidney strike
4 Series of Knees to Spine
5 Backbreaker
6 Russian Leg Sweep
7 Jumping Knee to the Spine – Fallen Opponent
8 Body Slam
9 Rolling Fireman’s Carry
10 Fallaway Slam
11 Samoan Drop
12 Spinebuster
13 STO
14 Pendulum Back Breaker
15 Powerslam into corner
16 Eye Poke
17 Eye Rake
18 Spinning Forearm
19 Hairpull backbreaker
20 Chop Block

Signature Maneuvers

1 Kennedy’s Calculation: High Impact Spinning Spinebuster
2 Kennedy’s Conflagration: Gutwrench Powerbomb onto the top turnbuckle
3 Kennedy’s Contradiction: Blue Thunder Backbreaker
4 Kennedy’s Condemnation: Cobra Clutch Backbreaker


Kennedy’s Contraption – High Intensity Torture Rack
If someone, for some crazy reason, won’t tap to Kennedy’s Contraption, Kennedy will either drop them with a Burning Hammer or climb up the turnbuckles and drop back with a Samoan Drop.

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