Name: "Eyes Wide Shut" Ethan McBride
Alignment (face/heel/tweener): Heel
Hometown: Laramie, WY
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 275
Style: Brawler/Powerhouse

Entrance Theme Music: "Nowhere Kids" by Smile Empty Soul


1. Big boot
2. Chokeslam
3. Corner foot choke
4. One-armed pendulum backbreaker
5. Walking sidewalk slam
6. Corner clothesline
7. Running jumping leg drop
8. Running shoulder block
9. Short-arm Clothesline
10. Belly to Back Suplex
11. Russian Leg Sweep
12. Lariat/Flying Lariat
13. Spike DDT/Implant DDT
14. Rolling Forearm/Elbow
15. Neckbreaker Across Her Knee
16. Cut-Throat Neckbreaker
17. Backdrop Driver
18. European Uppercut
19. Brainbuster
20. Yakuza Kick
21. Powerbomb
22. Facewash
23. German Suplex
24. One-Armed Side Slam (Opponent Running Towards Corner Counter)
25. STO
26. Back Drop Suplex > Falling Neckbreaker

Signature Moves

1) "Left For Dead" - Tree of Woe full on head stomps

2) "Hate Crime" - Ethan undoes the top turnbuckle and of course bashes his opponents head into the exposed steel hopefully causing blood.


"The Laramie Project" - Death Valley Driver with a small twist. Ethan will Irish whip his opponent into the far ropes and as they come off the ropes he will turn sideways and hunch down catching them onto his shoulder and using the momentum for a wicked DVD.

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