Name: Marissa Monet
Alignment: Heel
Hometown: Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Style: Strong Style

Entrance Theme: "System" by Chester Bennington


1. Piledriver
2. Guillotine choke
3. Wakigatami armbar
4. Jujigatami
5. Hiza jujigatami
6. Dragonscrew legwhip
7. Single leg suplex
8. German suplex
9. Northern Lights suplex
10. Crossed arms belly-to-back suplex
11. Belly-to-belly overhead suplex
12. Liontamer half-crab (she kneels on the neck)
13. Standing spinning leg lariat
14. Reverse anklelock with legscissors
15. Standing moonsault
16. Locomotion exploder suplexes
17. Shining wizard
18. MMA punching and elbowing strikes
19. MMA knee and kicking strikes
20. Lungblower

Signature Moves

1. Spider Suplex: Marissa sets her victim up on the top turnbuckle facing away from the ring. She climbs up behind them and hooks her legs in the ropes before delivering a backdrop driver that leaves her hanging from the ropes like a spider. She then pulls herself back up and delivers a flying elbow drop from the top rope.

2. Great Black Attack: An elevated implant DDT. (With her victim's feet on the ropes to increase the distance they fall to the mat, Marissa jumps to drive them down with the DDT)

3. Sharkbite: An elevated cradle double neckbreaker (Marissa falls to her knees, crunching her victim's neck on her shoulder)

4. Queen Takes Pawn: A zig zag sleeper hold reverse bulldog.

5. Death Roll: Marissa mounts her prone opponent and repeatedly punches them in the back of the head before rolling them onto their side with a rear naked choke.

6. Vagina Dentata: Marissa kicks her opponent in the back and then hooks them in an inverted standing headscissors so that they are facefirst into her crotch. She then twists to the mat, driving her victim down with a whiplash effect to the neck.


The Checkmate: An RKO following the Blood in the Water setup

The Heel Hook: Marissa catches her opponent in a heel hook submission

Hand of God: A clawhold into urange throat slam.

(MDK) Death from Below: Marissa hooks her victim with a German suplex and throws them over the top rope to the floor.


Blood in the Water Trance: Marissa's adrenaline rush, fueled by the fans where Marissa's eyes roll over white and she drops to the mat, pounding her fists rhythmically before hitting them with the Spear tackle.

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