Name: Mongoloid (Sometimes called Mongo for short)
Alignment: Heel
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 398 lbs.
Style: Powerhouse

Entrance Theme: "Burn" by Throwdown


  1. Military Press Drop
  2. Military Press Throw
  3. Powerful Shove
  4. STIFF punches
  5. STIFF kicks
  6. STIFF headbutt
  7. Bearhug
  8. Grounded chinlock
  9. One handed back breaker
  10. One handed pancake

Signature Moves

  • Catch 22 - A Front Slam after catching a smaller opponent hitting a high flying maneuver
  • Hittin' tha' Wall - Deflects a smaller opponent attempting a springboard or high flying maneuver by headbutting them in mid air.
  • Watch the Birdie - Lifts any opponent of 350 pounds or less up over his head, walking them around for a few seconds before throwing them across the ring as far as he can.  If he's outside the ring, that could mean dumping someone anywhere into the first row of fans or all the way to the 3rd or 4th row depending on their weight class.  He'll even sometimes say "WATCH THE BIRDIE" just before performing this move.
  • Screw Your Chair!- Not really a move so much as it's a signature spot.  An opponent grabs a chair and swings it at Mongo, but he just headbutts it, denting the chair in and sending it flying out of his opponent's hands.  This is usually followed up by one of his finishing moves.  He'll also do this with any street sign, cookie sheet, or trash can.  The downside is, he still takes damage and he will rarely do this more than once, unless he's really pissed off.


  • GOODNIGHT! - A standing Lariat to the face/side of the head.  Even if his opponent isn't knocked out, he'll knock them stupid at the very least.  Either way, a pinfall is coming.
  • SQUASH - With an opponent in the corner, Mongo will back up, then run and jump at his opponent, smashing them between himself and the turnpost.
  • THE MONGOLOID SPLASH - Running Body Splash Pin.   This is his pinfall method of choice.  If he hits the Goodnight! or the Squash, he'll maneuver his unconscious opponent to the center of the ring, back into the ropes, then run forward and throw all 500 poun ds of himself on top of his opponent to seal the win.
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