Name: Jack Nomad
Alignment (face/heel/tweener): Heel
Hometown: Jersey City, NJ
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 196 lbs
Style: Hardcore

Entrance Theme Music: "Violence" by Dope

Biography: Jack dropped out of high school when he was 17 years old, graduating via GED 3 months later and upon his 18th birthday, he took up a career as an amateur boxer. He was quickly embraced by the locker room despite his rookie status because of his good natured attitude and was often invited to parties with a lot of the older boxers.  To prove he could take it, he drank just as they did and often found himself passed out the next morning on someone's front lawn or back yard.  He learned quickly, however, the price of excessive partying when he got good and hammered the night before his first top billed fight.  Unable to focus due to a lingering hangover, his opponent beat him into unconsciousness in the first round.

That moment changed young Jack forever.  Some say he suffered brain trauma that turned him from a good natured, caring individual into a borderline Sociopath who absolutely cared for no one's welfare but his own.  He became like a machine in the boxing ring, beating his opponents into unconsciousness.  He didn't last long in the sport and just a year after entering it, he was banned at the age of 19 after punching a referee who tried to stop him from assaulting a down boxer.

The year following, he floundered, unable to find work due to his bad attitude and anti-social behavior.  After getting kicked out of his parents home when they could no longer tolerate his violent tendancies, he came to live a Nomadic lifestyle.  He dropped his family name and simply called himself Jack Nomad.  During his wanderings, he found little odd jobs to make just enough money to survive on.  On a lark, he visited a tattoo parlor and in exchange for cleaning up the man's shop up every week, he was paid in tattoos and a small closet-sized living space above the studio.  Months later, he got a job for a little while at a small gym ran by a professional kickboxer.  Despite Jack's attitude, the man saw potential in him and forcibly took the young man under his wing.  Jack took to Kickboxing naturally and with his new instructor's help, he was able to find a center to anchor himself to, allowing Jack a respite from the constant rage he feels.

Though he learned control, this didn't change Jack's base nature.  His mentor quickly learned that Jack was indeed an evil soul when he entered his first bout in a Kickboxing tournament.  Jack didn't strike to win, he struck to inflict harm and did little to hide the satisfaction he felt when he kept attacking.  Regretting his decision to teach the troubled young man new ways to hurt people, the man promptly fired Jack from his employ and turned him away.

Bitter and angry, Jack sought an outlet for his frustration.  Oddly enough, he saw a promotional flyer for TSWF slapped to a wall that clearly read "NOW HIRING".  He quickly sought this company out and they clearly liked the kid's look off the bat.  His attitude left something to be desired, but like many promoters, the hiring staff at TSWF saw marketability and ratings instead of trouble.  Giving him a set of basic black trunks, boots, and pads, TSWF put him in the ring to work a dark match.  The management quickly learned that the kid had potential, but clearly needed training on how to wrestle.

He was sent to a wrestling school where he picked up solid fundamentals and learned a submission hold or two and just how to incorporate it into his previous skill sets in boxing and kickboxing.  Now he is ready for competition and the new world that awaits him.


Note- He will not use any big lifting moves against opponents who are over 260 lbs. He will stick to his strikes, leverage based throws, wear down/submission holds, flying/springboard moves and running attacks.

1) Running High Knee
2) Samoan Drop
3) Jumping Snap Suplex
4) Several trademark Western Kickboxing round house and front kicks.
5) Standing knee Stomp - He will run up to an opponent, fake high and then go low with a stomping kick to the knee cap.
6) Various Boxing punches and combinations.
7) Running Front Flip Senton Splash in the corner
8) Cutting Elbow shots (Likes to bust people open UFC style with slicing elbow shots to the face)
9) Bridging Back Breaker
10) Back Bridge Evasion
11) Half Nelson Suplex Pin
12) Running Clothesline-style Chop Block
13) Rolling Neck Breaker
14) Springboard Double Knee Drop
15) Springboard Roundhouse Kick
16) Front Flip Senton off the Top Rope (Used against Standing Opponents)
17) Rolling Knee Drop off the Top Rope
18) Snap Powerslam (Irish whip Rebound grapple)
19) Powerbomb and Jacknife Pin
20) Legsweep STO
21) Super Fisherman Suplex (Corner)
22) Running Body Splash (Corner - Sting Style)

Two Move Combo

Twisting Wrist Lock followed by repeated side kicks to the hip and outer thigh and finished with a kick to the elbow and a roundhouse kick to the face upon release.

Signature Moves

1. Grapevine Sleeper Hold - He does it a little different than most. He'll start out holding his opponent in a basic sleeper, then kick them in the back of the leg. From there, he'll fall back and apply a body scissor to the abdomen and tighten the hold.

2. Low Blow Fireman's Carry Takedown- He will drop low and hit a low blow, but quickly lift his opponent into a Fireman's Carry and sling them over his shoulder to hide what he did from the referee.

3. Finger Jab in the Eye- An oldschool heel favorite, he only uses this move as a desperation tactic to escape a bad situation.

4. The Face Breaker- After dropping an opponent to their knees, Jack bends forward and traps their arms by tangling them up in his while grabbing the back of their head. From there, he repeatedly bashes them in the face with knee strikes. This technically counts as a submission hold and an opponent can tap out if they can't escape due to being stunned by repeated, high speed knee smashes. Jack has a strong leverage advantage from this position and will not use this against a significantly larger and stronger opponent without first severely weakening their knees and legs. He often sets this up with a hard Knee Stomp.


The Spine Jacker - High speed Spinning Snapmare Driver (Known as "The Deep D**ker" on the Indy Circuit)

Setup to Finisher: Standing Knee Stomp, followed by a mid level Round house to stun his target.

**Suggested PBP for finish**

[Jack's opponent walks right into a hard standing knee stomp. The man drops to his knees with a grit of his teeth and just barely has time to look up and catch a glimpse of that silver kick pad before it collides with the side of his face. His vision blurred, he hardly notices being lifted up on spaghetti string legs. There is a moment of comfort as some of the weight is taken off those tormented knees, the back of his head resting on Nomad's shoulder... Jack throws his arm out to the side and roars to the crowd....]


[....He then whips to his left, his opponent ripped violently off their feet as he is spiked skull first to the canvas and left a broken heap. Jack rolls him over and hooks his leg for the pin...]



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