Name: "The Modern Day Messiah" Tom Sawyer
Alignment: Face
Hometown: "The Deepest Reaches of Your Nightmares"
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 245 lbs.
Style: Brawler / All-Arounder

Entrance Theme: "Tom Sawyer" by Rush


1. Headbutt
2. Leg drop to the back of the head
3. Sidewalk Slam
4. Big Boot
5. Low Blow
6. Spear
7. Chops to the chest
8. Cross Corner Splash
9. Flying clothesline
10. Figure Four Leglock
11. Knee to the gut
12. Belly to back suplex
13. Piledriver
14. Headpound into the turnbuckle
15. Drop kick
16. bulldog
17. DDT (many variations
) 18. Leg drop
19. Monkey flip into the turn buckle
20. Shooting Star Press off the top rope
21. Round Kick
22. Chop to the neck
23. Chop block to the knee
24. Arm Wrench
25. Shoulder block
26. Cross Body Block
27. Full Nelson into a turnbuckle smash (Karma Krush)
28. Russian Leg Sweep
29. Fisherman's suplex into the top turnbuckle (Back hits the turnbuckle and gets stuck in a tree of woe)
30. Drop toe hold (On a chair when legal)
31. Spear
32. Rock Bottom

Signature Moves

1. Light's Out (Double Underhook DDT)
2. Turn the Other Cheek (Double Slap to the face)


"Crucifiction" (Crucifix Powerbomb with the arms held out for the opponents "sacrifice")

Setup Move: Splash in the corner to knock the wind out of the opponent

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