Name: Shadoe Rage
Alignment (face/heel/tweener): Heel
Hometown: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Height: 6’3
Weight: 248 lbs
Style: Brawler/Luchador

Entrance Theme Music: "Fame" by Irene Cara

Biography: Shadoe Rage is the first-born son of Canadian wrestling outlaw, Adrian Rage.  Shadoe followed his father and sister, Dalbello, into the family business.  Renowned for his savage and relentless fighting style, he made an early name for himself along the East Coast and Europe.  He moved from moderate singles success to global fame as one half of the Prophets of Rage. As part of this team, Shadoe Rage would gain his greatest success. While succeeding professionally, his married life to wrestler/valet Pizzazz Elysee crumbled. The two divorced after a frequently violent and abusive marriage.  Pizzazz went on to a relationship with Shadoe's brother while Shadoe eventually entered into a relationship with Marissa Monet.  She has been his center and balance. Shadoe Rage was the last reigning TSWF champion, still holding the belt. Still crazy after all these years, Rage is looking once more for singles success.


* TSWF Tri-State Champion (2x)


1.   German suplex
2.   Teardrop suplex
3.   Gutwrench suplex
4.   Cradle superplex
5.   Running groin stomp
6.   Heart kick
7.   Left-handed bulldog lariat
8.   necklock backbreaker
9.   Ace crusher
10. Alternating jabs
11. Elbow smash
12. Flying knee smash
13. Knee drop
14. Neck wrench
15. Small package
16. rana
17. Two-handed choke
18. Belly-to-belly suplex
19. Spinebuster
20. Single leg suplex

Signature Moves

1.   Running hotshot
2.   Death from Above – a flying double axe handle
3.   Flying forearm
4.   Tilt-a-whirl piledriver
5.   Implant DDT on the floor
6.   Lungblower


Angel of Death Drop (Moonsault elbow drop)

Setup to Finisher: Dirge (Superkick)

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