Name: Tripp Skylark
Alignment: Face
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 212 lbs
Wrestling Style: Showman, Spot Monkey, Mat Technician, Submission Specialist

Entrance Theme: "Underdog" by The Dirtbombs 

Biography: When Tripp was 14, there was a tragic house fire at his home. Both his parents mysteriously never made it out, but Tripp escaped unharmed. With his parents dead, and the fire under investigation, Tripp found his way to a foster home, where he began receiving psychological treatment from one Doctor Eugene Madision. The Doc, as Tripp calls him, became more than just a doctor to him, they became great friends... mainly over Tripp's love of wrestling. When the tragedy struck, Tripp was well on his way to being a amatuer national champion. However, foster care put an end to this dream. Being as old as he was, and as odd as he is, Tripp was never able to find foster parents. Thus, when he was 18, he was released on. The Doc, fearing for Tripp's survival, left his position and moved with Tripp, becoming a sorta of 'father figure' for Tripp. The two's goal was to get Tripp back in the ring, and make something out of himself. They trained hard, got signed to some contracts (PCW, KAWF, and WILD) and Tripp seemed to have the wrestling world in the palm of his hands. However, with Tripp's new found freedom, Tripp indulged himself a bit too much in the drugs and the seedier sides of life and ruined his career. Trying hard to pull Tripp out the gutter, Doc ended up on Tripp's shit list and the two parted ways. Since, Tripp was been working odd jobs and miniumm wage positions across the country. He's been a sort of nomad, never truly finding his niche. Despite the love/hate relationship, Tripp did maintain contact with the Doc. And then tragedy struck again for Tripp -- the Doc suffered a fatal heart attack. Thus in the Doc's honor, Tripp has put down the pipe, joined the gym, and started to get himself back in in-ring shape. It was always the Doc's dream for Tripp to make it in the wrestling biz, and Tripp is now going to do everything possible to make that dream come true.

Regular Moves:

1. Full Nelson
2. Knuckle to Temple (AKA The Atomic Noogie)
3. Sleeper Hold
4. Cobra Clutch Sleeper Hold
5. STF
6. Surfboard
7. Arm Drag
8. Atomic Drop
9. Back Breaker Drop
10. Pumphandle Back Backbreaker
11. Underhook Back Breaker Drop
12. Back Fist
13. Death Valley Driver
14. Bulldog
15. Clothesline
16. DDT
17. Drop Kick
18. Crossface Chickenwing
19. Achilles Tendon Hold
20. Half Crab with Armlock
21. Armbar and Arm Scissors (AKA The Rings of Saturn)
22. Inverted Face Lock (AKA Dragon Sleeper)
23. Various Suplexes

Signature Moves:

1. Crossface Hold
2. Over the Shoulder Chinlock
3. Guillotine Face Driver
4. Mat Slam (AKA X-Factor)
5. Flying Leg Roll Up

Finisher: Choking the Chicken (SUBMISSION) -- Back Mounted Crossed Arms Chinlock -- The victim is on their stomach or in a kneeling position. The attacker straddles the victim's upper back and grabs both the victim's arms with their opposite hands. The attacker crosses the victim's arms under across their chest/under their chin. If the attacker was not on their stomach, the attacker forcing the victim forward so they are laying on the mat. The attacker pulls back on the victim's arms to apply pressure to the person's neck and back

Setup Move to Finisher: Rolling German Suplexes

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