Name: "Bad Karma" RJ Souza
Alignment (face/heel/tweener): Face
Hometown: Oakland, Ca
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 240

Style: Brawler/All-Arounder

Biography: RJ has been a manager, a heel, even a masked wrestler, but has increaced his stock as a fan favorate in the last few years.

RJ came on the scene as the Def B.I. Posse's manager as a lawyer that got them off a Murder rap. To repay the debt, they wrestled (and became a top notch tag team) He created the Firm, a heel stable. That success quickly dropped to the deepest of holes as RJ was hurt after fighting Bermuda Billy Page following his team losing a cage match. He then started as an adviser to his brother against Rob Williams. After being challenged to a drinking contest by Williams, RJ took the bottle and broke it over Williams' head saying "It's Bad Karma to Screw with Me". He got stuck with the name since. Souza has won many titles around the wrestling circuit. He never got a shot at the ICWF World title, although he picked up every other singles title there.  RJ is the current US Title holder in CWF.


1) Flying clothesline
2) Figure 4 leg lock
3) Knee to the gut
4) Belly to back suplex 
5) Piledriver
6) Headpound into the turnbuckle
7) Drop kick
8) bulldog
9) corner splash
10) DDT (many variations)
11) Leg drop
12) Monkey flip into the turn buckle
13) Shooting Star Press off the top rope
14) Round Kick
15) Chop to the neck
16) Chop block to the knee
17) Arm Wrench
18) Shoulder block
19) Cross Body Block
20) Full Nelson into a turnbuckle smash (Karma Krush)
21) Russian Leg Sweep
22) Fisherman's suplex into the top turnbuckle (Back hits the turnbuckle and gets stuck in a tree of woe)
23) Drop toe hold (On a chair when legal)
24) Spear
25) Rock Bottom

Signature Moves

#1: Old School Twist (Figure 4 leg lock and then uses his arms for leverage to inflict more pain)
#2: Karma Krash (Aj Styles "Styles Clash finisher)
#3: Karmatic Justice (Chessman's militarty press into a Michinoku Driver)
#4: Baseball bat Russian Leg Sweep (NO Holds Barred matches only)


Karma Kick (Superkick)
Setup to Finisher : The B-K-D (Bad Karma Drop) Its a three step DDT where the neck gets straighten out before the fall begins.

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