Name: Vic Morrison
Alignment: Heel
Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 229 lbs.
Style: Mat Technician

Entrance Theme: "Five Finger Crawl" - Danzig

Biography: Vic Morrison is a well-traveled athlete. Making his professional debut in 2000 and breaking into the mainstream in 2001 in the St. Louis-based River City Wrestling, Morrison quickly climbed the ladder and won the Light Heavyweight title from Raya Oscura in a feud that saw Morrison put Oscura through the wringer, physically, as he's never been before. A young Shane Destiny then challenged Morrison for his title in a brutal back-and-forth classic, culminating in a still-talked about two out of three falls showdown, where the champion retained. As RCW closed its doors with Morrison still its Light Heavyweight Champion, Morrison quickly signed to NEO and quickly won their Skyweight title. Unfortunately, financial problems overcame the company... which, in the end, worked out for Morrison, as he quickly signed a contract with EMWC, where he teamed with ex-rival Destiny as a merciless, rule-breaking tag team that took both the cruiserweight and tag divisions by storm. Unfortunately, nagging injuries cut Morrison's stay in the E short, forcing him to null his contract and leave the company. During his time away from wrestling, Morrison opened a school in his hometown of Jacksonville... but he still had the itch. In 2007, after a brief tour of Japan, Morrison returned to the spotlight, signing a contract with Shootfire Pro Wrestling. He aligned himself with AJ Black's Black Army, but quickly grew disillusioned with his direction within the group and subsequently turned on them. After floundering in the league for some time despite some initial success, Morrison decided to leave SPW to return to Japan, where he felt his talents and style of wrestling were more appreciated. Now, for reasons known only to himself, Vic Morrison has decided to return to the United States... and he has chosen the Tri-State Wrestling Federation as his new stomping grounds.


1. German suplex
2. Head and arm suplex
3. Rolling vertical suplexes
4. Straightjacket suplex
5. Fish hook camel clutch
6. Roll-through single leg Boston crab
7. Crotches opponent on top rope then follows up with a lariat
8. Inverted front facelock dropped into a backbreaker
9. Stiff chops
10. Gourdbuster
11. Dragon screw legwhip
12. STO
13. Uranage
14. Arm drag takedown
15. Repeated knife edge chops
16. Lariat
17. Moonsault
18. Suicide dive (rare)
19. Yakuza kick
20. Spinebuster
21. Butterfly suplex
22. Death Valley driver

Signature Moves

1. Exploder suplex (T-bone suplex)

2. No Quarter - wrist clutch Olympic Slam - basically, as Morrison snakes his arm around his victim's leg, he grips their wrist (belonging to the arm that would be around Morrison's neck) to secure them... he can do this move with his other arm free, if desired. Usually quick, fast, and dirty... a good equalizer when his opponent gets a second wind.

3. Overhead belly to belly suplex - probably one of his most perfectly executed suplexes.


Victimizer - Forward cobra clutch leg sweep. Think the Miz's move, only with a cobra clutch.


It's good at any time when the victim is disoriented... but at times he'll whip them front-first into the corner and catch them on the rebound.

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