Name: Morten Wade

Alignment (face/heel/tweener): Heel

Hometown: Harlem, NY (formerly a guest of Rikers Island)

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 260 lbs

Style: Brawler

Entrance Theme Music: "Dyers Eve" by Metallica

Biography: Not much is known about the man other than he was a former guest of Rikers Island Prison in NYC.



  1. Punches
  2. Kicks
  3. Slaps
  4. Head rams into the turnbuckle
  5. Boots to the downed opponent
  6. Suplex
  7. Running boot to the opponent's head
  8. Elbow drop
  9. Elbow to the back of the head
  10. Spinning punch
  11. Avalanche into the corner
  12. Powerslam
  13. Jawbreaker
  14. Knee lift
  15. Claw hold
  16. Repeated forearm shots


Signature Moves

  1. Shoulder Trusts/Clothesline - Twists opponent's arm and then throws the shoulder thrusts multiple times, after that Wade hits a short armed clothesline with the opponent's arm still twisted.
  3. Leaping Knee onto Shoulder - Opponent is laying down when he does this
  5. Testicular claw - done when referee is distracted
  7. Enzuiguri - Right to the back of the head.
  9. Spinebuster Slam - lifts up, spins and slams opponent to the ground.


Primary Finishing Move: DDT -- hits hard because Wade has prevented opponents from blocking any of it by taking out their shoulders, Wade snaps the opponent down as well.

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